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Ah the times


[GIFs] Bray Wyatt picks the guy he’d most likely have an amazing match with.


Wade Barrett Giving Some Bad News To The WWE Superstars


09.08.2014 - Monday Night Raw
Cesaro does a “strip tease”.

[for enigmatic—soul]

I think it was Dean or Seth, just goes BOOF! Right to my face- like clocks me like legit. Obviously I’m on the ground and I just go into that mode like “fuck you dude.” So I start swinging back and they like shove me down and I’m just spitting like “you motherfuckers, piece of shit,” like I’m cursing. I don’t know if it got caught on camera, but I’m cursing cause I’m hot, like you piece of shit motherfuckers.” and every obscenity you can think of and I’m spitting at all of them, then eventually I ball up. But whatever, they leave and they [The Camera Men] cut- they [The Shield] come up and was like “Oh thank you.” And I was like oh no and I just fucking went off on all three of them, like, “you motherfuckers-pieces of shit.” I went off on Dean I was like, “go back to CZW you fucking piece of shit.” And I went off on Seth and Roman- I went off on all three of them.

- Ricardo Rodriguez on an incident with The Shield (via lipstickgoldchains)




Zayn Malik: Boybander or Vogue Model?


watching wrestling is bad for your blood pressure i do not recommend