Hallo! I'm Lucy and I'm british, I'm just a fan of a load of different things such as Hannibal, Harry Potter, Sherlock, Disney, bands and youtubers. Evan Edinger A.K.A Swaggy Priest married me to P.J and basically we are defiantly 100% officially official
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For those of you, like me, who never watched this full video before… 


I still don’t understand how Tom didn’t burst out laughing I mean this is freaking hilarious, even Dean had a hard time containing his laugh!

I miss this, God dammit!


Just thought of the phrase “WWE High School AU” and slowly nodded my head.




i imagine dean ambrose has to go to the library to use a computer 

and he still uses aol mail 

“Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins are filling the CM Punk shaped hole in my heart quite nicely.”


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would not be surprised if the CIA wanted to recruit me.  I have medium knowledge of memes, know how to use calculator, and have broad shoulders.  the three most important CIA skills


[dean & roman gets their first shirts as singles competitiors]

this will be vince in less than an hour